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My Products

Reduce Unused CSS
Guided Solution

A guide on how to improve the recommendation called Reduce Unused CSS as part of improving the speed of WordPress sites.

Website Speed Improvement Course

Learn how to speed up your WordPress sites. Build faster web sites with high scores, also on mobile. All the techniques from the 1st place winner of WordPress Performance Contest 2019​ & 2021.

Hosting Comparison Service

I can show you, for free, a comparison between your existing hosting and a fast hosting that I’m using.
Comparison with exactly the same site, without any other improvements, just to compare your hosting to a fast hosting server.

Website Speed Optimization Service

Do you want an expert to optimize your site?
I offer a personal service for improving your page speed, tailored to your site.


FREE page speed recommendations for YOUR site

Send me your site URL, and I will personally check your site and give you a few recommendations for free.

My Articles

Core Web Vitals

How To Improve FID/TBT

How to improve FID/TBT – First Input Delay/Total Blocking Time, one of the three Core Web Vitals, that can affect your page performance and SEO ranking.

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Fastest Web Hosting

Which is the fastest web hosting, the best WordPress hosting? Checking page loading time in this new (2019), done by me, WordPress hosting comparison.

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